POLICE ABUSE!!! Cops ARREST Rapper 2 Chainz . . . And They MAKE HIM Pose For FAN PICS With Them!!! (Look At 2 Chainz FACE In The Pic)

: MediaTakeOut.com just got word that rapper 2 Chainz was ARRESTED last night in Easton MD. The police PULLED OVER 2 Chainz tour bus and they ARRESTED him – charging the rapper with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. 2 Chainz had a weed grinder in the bus.

But here’s where it gets ODD. After ARRESTINg 2 Chainz – the officers “asked” him for a fan pic. It’s not clear WHAT would have happened if 2 Chainz said no – but you can SEE by the look on his face, that he WASN’T happy about it.