Rapper Juelz Santana ADMITS To Being A FREAK

: MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind that rapper Juelz Santana just bared his soul in a recent interview with Honey Magazine. Here’s some of the highlights:

How many relationships have you not cheated in?

JUELZ: None. I got a lady friend now that I don’t be cheating on sometimes. I don’t mean that it’s a constant thing. I’m just being honest. … Yeah, I’ve cheated in the relationship, but that could have been one time, that doesn’t mean I cheated constantly in the relationship. I’m in a situation that I did f*ck up before, but I’m not constantly f*cking up.

What are your favorite sex tricks?

JUELZ: Nah, n*ggas gonna be stealing my sh*t. I just like when a girl be licking me. I’m just a freak. Closed doors, anything goes.


JUELZ: No not anything. Anything besides foul play. I’ll let a girl lick my ass though.

What’s the sexiest part of a woman?

JUELZ: Ain’t no one sexy part, honest to God. Like Angelina Jolie, her lips is just sexy, and that might beat some girls with nice titties. I think every women should have nice feet and some nice hands. All guys feel that way, whether they say it or not.

What’s sexiest about you?

JUELZ: Just me, my swag, my aura. That’s something an ugly n*gga would say. Not that I’m conceited, shit. I feel like my aura makes me sexy, and then we can get into what a good looking n*gga I am, too.

What turns you out in bed?

JUELZ: Just getting some good head.

What’s the worst thing a girl can do in bed?

JUELZ: The most disgusting thing a girl can do is stink. It ain’t going to be no bed action, because I’m leaving once I smell that stink. That’s the worst thing you can do in bed. You know that your p*ssy smells. How dare you take your pants off?