REPORT: Queen Latifah To Get Married To Her FEMALE LOVER Jeanette Shortly

: told you months ago that Queen Latifah and her girlfriend – personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins were engaged. Well now, we’re hearing that the two are all set to get hitched. Here’s what the National Enquirer is reporting:

[Queen Latifah] who lives with her fiancée at homes in New Jerset and Los Angeles, is planning an intimate cerempny with close family and friends, say sources.

“Queen is very busy with her career, so she wants to wait to set a date until she has time for a honeymoon,” revealed a family insider.

“The two are being very secretive about the upcoming ceremony and have only told immediate family members. Queen is concerned about her career. She knows people’s attitude toward gay relationships and marriages are changing, but there is still some resistance, so she wants to keep a low profile.”

Congrats you two … and HOW YOU DOIN?????