RUMOR: Comedian Tommy Davidson Gets Felt Up – BY A MAN!!!!

: One of’s faithful readers caught up with comedian Tommy Davidson after one of his performances in Philadelphia. And she saw some SHOCKING things.

Here’s our reader’s first hand account of what happened:

I know this may be old news to you guys but I have some dirt one of entertainments old comedians. Let me just say that after a “horrific” performance in Philly, a mister by the name of Tommy Davidson was so crushed he fell into the arms of my GAY CAUCASIAN roommate. And he informed me that Mr. Davidson is not so skinny in certain places (quite large in fact).

Not only that, but he likes it rough. [He was] asking questions like “You like this big di** don’t you white boy?” He [seemed to be] riding high on the white horse that night. Guess it numbs the pain of being a gay hasbeen in denial!!

Cone on now reader. That doesn’t mean anything. It could have just been a part of the comedy act ……… right ……… maybe …. How you doin’ Tommy Davidson!!!