RUMOR: Trick Daddy CHASED Rapper Plies Through The STREETS!!!

: Looks like there’s more hip hop beef. According to one of’s faithful readers, Miami rapper Trick Daddy had hip hop artist Plies running for cover.

Here’s what our reader saw and heard:

I was in attendance at the Roxy Night Club for the annual Florida Classic Weekend in Orlando ,Fla. First off, I was [upset] because my homegirls could not get in the club with me due to the packed to capacity …. they were not letting anyone else in. [And you know that when it’s] too packed, there’s usually drama..

Well, well, well Plies. I f*cks with him all day everyday but dang why he had to run from Trick Daddy like that? This [dude] was running away through the crowd trying to get away. wowowowowowoow.

It was crazy seeing that. The bodyguards were fighting and he was running … And he calls himself a goon…((but da goon was running))

I wish I had my video camera because Mike Jordan would proud to see what his sneakers can do. [Actually,] I don’t know what type of shoes he had on, but it was too funny.

Now y’all know that we ain’t afraid to run. Like that time we mistakenly bumped into Mathew Knowles….