SHOCK REPORT!!! Lebron James’ BABYS MOM . . . Skips Attending All Star Weekend????? (It Might REALLY BE A Wrap For Bron And Vannah)

: Remember those RUMORS we told y’all about Lebron and his BM/fiance Savannah. The ones that STARTED when Savannah did NOT ATTEND the White House ceremony with LeBron – even though EVERY other member of the team’s GF or wife DID attend.

Well those rumors just got STRONGER. We’re told that instead of attending All Star weekend with her NBA superstar husband-to-be, she’s having a GIRLS WEEKEND with some pals in Los Angeles.

We’re told that just about EVERY NBA baler’s wife is in Houston this weekend – including LaLa, Adrienne Bosh, and Vanessa Bryant. Oh and Beyonce’s in town too to support Jay Z and LeBron’s TWO KINGS dinner.

Right about now Houston has more HEAUX per square foot than any place in THE WORLD. And given that LeBron LIKES TO DILLY AND DALLY, why would she leave him alone on THIS WEEKEND???