SHOCK REPORT: Selena Gomez BREAKS UP With Justin Beiber . . . Over RUMORED ROMANCE . .. With RIHANNA!!!!

: just got word of an EXPLOSIVE piece of information. According to the streets (and the STREETS we’re talking about are usually RELIABLE), Justin Bieber and his longtime GF Selena Gomez are OVER.

The streets are saying that Selena Gomez DUMPED Justin, after she heard RUMORS that he and pop SUPERSTAR Rihanna were getting very friendly – and Selena suspected that Justin was SMASHING!!!

And word is that the rumor of Rihanna-Beiber is SO PREVALENT that it got to CHRIS BROWN. And THAT’S what promoted him to BLAST Rihanna in that Theraflu remix.

Oh, and there is SOME EVIDENCE that this is true. First off, Justin attended the BILLBOARD AWARDS two days ago WITHOUT Selena. And when he won the award, he DIDN’T THANK HER.

And then there’s Twitter. As of this weekend, Selena STOPPED FOLLOWING JUSTIN On Twitter!!!