SHOCKING REVELATION!!! Rapper Lil Wayne ADMITS To Being RAPED When He Was 11 Years Old!!!

: just got ahold of some rather DISTURBING video. In it Lil Wayne talks about how rapper Baby convinced a grown woman to have sex with Lil Wayne when he was only 11.

To those of you who can’t access YouTube. Lil Wayne says the following:

I got raped when I was eleven, Twist. I loved it….

I ain’t never pressed charges. I’mma do you like Baby and them did me ..

I’ll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared. There was about this many N8ggas in that sh*t too.

I’ll never forget the words, “Suck Lil Wayne’s lil d*ck.” I’m sitting on the couch. Everybody was in that b*tch.

Those niggas wer like talkin, “Girl you know you’re uch a good d*ck sucker … b*tch, suck lil Wayne’s Lil dick.”

I’m sitting there like “Shorty” I ain’t NEVER have this happen

We know that it’s with a woman, but this STILL sounds like a sexual assault . . . Weezy was on 11 at the time . . . It’s a shame so many people think that this kind of child assault is OK . . .