: Radio personality Steve Harvey has found himself in some hot water. As reported to you a few weeks ago, his ex-wife Mary filed a lawsuit claiming that the comedian stole money from her during their divorce proceeding (she also claims that Steve abused her mentally and physically). Yesterday, the Kings Of Comedy star was in a Collin County, Texas courtroom and the judge dropped a bomb on the comedian.

You see, the judge was deciding a motion of contempt against Steve concerning finances and property in question from their divorce. It was supposed to be a routine hearing, but then the judge dropped the bomb. learned that he told Steve that if he finds that Steve was in contempt – he may throw Steve Harvey in jail. The judge is expected to rule on the matter in coming days. We’ll keep you up to date on any

And are we the only one noticing that ever since Steve went on that rant against us breaking the Donda West story, his life has been in shambles. Karma can be a bee-yotch sometimes, can’t it??

We just can’t wait to see ole’ Steve Harvey’s booking photo. You know they’ll have to make him take off his toupee to take it ….