TREY SONGZ DRY SNITCHED!!! Accidentally Told On CHRIS BROWN . . . Now Chris Brown May Have To GO TO JAIL!! (Trey Violated)

: Instagram dry snitching is SERIOUS BUSINESS . . . and Trey Songz may have just COST Chris Brown his FREEDOM.

What happened? Well Chris Brown left his COURT MANDATED ANGER on Sunday to attend a scheduled court date Monday morning. He was supposed to just come into town . . . attend the court date . . and return immediately to rehab on Monday night.

Well they say that Chris ALLEGEDLY made a little DETOUR . . . to a Superbowl party on Sunday night – which if did . . . would have been explicitly against the courts orders.

And why do we THINK he attended the party . . . . cause his homie Trey Songz TWEETED ABOUT IT. He released a video from his party which appeared to show Breezy inside. The video was quickly DELETED . . . but pics of Chris purportedly at the event are still online.