TV Judge Hatchett Got FIRED!!!

: You’ll recall that last year was the first news source in the world to tell you that Judge Mablean Ephraim was fired from Divorce Court. Now we can officially report that Judge Glenda Hatchett from the hit court show Judge Hatchett is getting fired also.

Why are they letting her go, you ask. Well, according to on of the show’s producers, Judge Hatchett was asking for too much money. The insider told, “[Judge Hatchett] was asking for $2 million a season – which is in line with what the other TV judges are getting … [The network execs] didn’t even give her a counter-offer – they just told her they weren’t interested in her any longer.”

The show is expected to run re-runs of old episodes for another season before being cancelled.

And industry insiders aren’t shocked by the network’s move. Bill Carroll, VP and director of programming at consulting firm Katz Television Group, was quoted as telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think any viewer will initially know the difference between a program that was produced two weeks ago and one that was produced two years ago.”

Hollywood can be such a cold place…