We Got Pics Old NENE LEAKES . . . From Back In The DAY . . . When She Was A SKRIPPER!!! (Fellas . . . Be Honest . . . Would You Put A DOLLAR IN HER THONG)

: Bravo released a True Hollywood Story type feature on NeNe’s life where she admitted to being a SKRIPPER. You’ll recall that MediaTaeOut.com BROKE THIS NEWS during the FIRST season of the ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES – and NeNe DENIED our report.

Here she is ADMITTING that we were right:

I sold a “fantasy” not p*ssy. (EDITOR’S NOTE – NeNe is such a LADY)

. That’s just what it was. I just felt very powerful. I made a ton of money and I just couldn’t stop. I bought a new car…. I paid my son’s tuition.

I thought of the men as my personal ATM machines.

And for those who need MORE evidence, lets go to the VIDEOTAPE . . ..