When Keeping IT REAL . .. Goes WRONG!!! Rapper Plies Reportedly FRACTURED HIS NECK . . . His Gold Chain Was TOO HEAVY . . . It Weighed More Than 15 POUNDS!!!! (Pics Inside)

: There are reports online that rapper PLIES was taken to the hospital . . . after fracturing his neck on a video set . . . while wearing his new 7 KILO chain (that’s 15.4 pounds).

Here is what happened, according to one website,

Paramedics were called to the scene around 12pm this afternoon where rapper Plies laid unconscious from what onlookers are calling a “freak accident” after his 7 Kilo gold chain fractured his neck in 3 places.

“I couldn’t believe this was the same guy who wrote Becky; He was polite and spoke so well” said an EMS operator shocked by Plies speaking voice in comparison to the many videos he posts online talking ghetto slang including the one of him buying the 7 kilo gold chain that led to him being in a critical condition.