WHO KNEW??? Yesterday On WENDY WILLIAMS’ TV Show We Learned That Actor Jamie Foxx Has A SECRET NEW CHILD!!! (Details On The Baby’s Mother Inside)

: So yesterday we were just minding our business and watchin’ Wendy Williams’ breakout hit TV Talk Show – when all of a sudden – a bomb got dropped!!! You see, Wendy was interviewing actress Garcelle Beauvaix (AKA Fancy from the Jamie Foxx show) and she accidentally let it slip that Jamie Foxx had a new child!!!

Here’s the exact conversation:

Garcelle: We saw each other Easter Sunday at a friend’s house and he came with his lovely daughter and he told me that he had a new baby. I said, ‘Wow, Jamie do I know the baby mama?’ and he goes, ‘ No.’ Then I go (jokingly,) ‘Do you know the baby mama?’

Wendy: Wait a minute? Did we know that Jamie Foxx just had a new baby? Well thank you for the Hot Topic ticket!

So of course, MediaTakeOut.com did our little research – and here’s what we found out. First – the baby’s mother is NOT BLACK. The woman is Armenian, think Kim Kardashian, and according to our snitch – has the same bodily proportions. And the child, a baby girl, is just under a year old.

We’ve also learned that the mother is NOT famous, but she ain’t broke either. She’s been working behind the scenes in the entertainment business for years. Oh, and the kicker – the child WAS planned by Jamie and the woman, but the two are no longer together.

We’re working on getting you pics shortly, stay tuned ….