WOOOOOW!!! Remember That Photo Of The Baby Being DUCT TAPED . . . Well The Girl That Did It Got Herself ARRESTED Over The Pic!! (Dummy)

: Remember a few days ago, MediaTakeOut.com posted a photograph of a woman next to a duct taped child. In the article we purposely BLURRED both the parent and the child’s identity – because we couldn’t determine whether mom was playing some kinda JOKE or ABUSING!!

Welli t turns out that the mom, a 21 year old woman from outside Philadelphia is one of the DUMBEST CHICKS IN THE WORLD. The dummy went to police, told them that somehow MediaTakeOut.com was trying to steal her identity – and tried to SNITCH US OUT.

Well . . . FAIL!!! The police looked at the photos, did an investigation and found out that the BIRD had outstanding warrants. Police then interviewed members of her family and charged her with CHILD ENDANGERMENT.

As of this morning, she’s being held in jail WITHOUT BAIL!!!