WTF????? Brazil Names 7 YEAR OLD GIRL . . . As The SEXIEST WOMAN Of Carnival!! (Pics Of The INNOCENT Girl Inside)

: just received word of a DISTURBING piece of information. Every year in Brazil they have Carnival, a parade of festivities which showcase beautiful SCANTILY CLAD women.

And every Carnival, they have a “Queen Of Samba,” which is the SEXIEST woman at the parade. Well this year, the Queen of Samba is a 7 YEAR OLD GIRL, photo’d above.

Here’s how the Associated Press is reporting it:

She is the Shirley Temple of samba, a 7-year-old named to a coveted Carnival role normally reserved for barely clad models who have undergone more plastic surgeries than little Julia Lira has seen birthdays.

Naming the girl drum corps queen for the Viradouro samba group is raising eyebrows even in a city that has seen everything during the annual mega-party that begins next week

The courts are now trying to BLOCK her from participating in the event. What do you think????