WTF??? Woman Divorces Her HUSBAND Of 6 YEARS

: just learned that an interesting divorce trial began yesterday in Connecticut. Apparently a wife is claiming that her ex-husband of 6 years should pay her 53 stacks week – FOR LIFE!!!

Here’s how the AP is reporting it:

Marie Douglas-David, a former investment banker, says she has no income and needs her 67-year-old husband, George David, to pay her more than $53,000 a week — more than most U.S. households make in a year — to cover her expenses.

David stepped down last year as chief executive at Hartford-based United Technologies Corp. but is still chairman of the board and has an estimated net worth of $329 million. He and his wife accuse each other of extramarital affairs. Their divorce trial started Wednesday.

Apparently the idiot signed a postnuptial agreement giving his wife of 6 years $43 million if they were to divorce. But apparently, $42 million isn’t enough for the chick. Here’s why she claims she needs more gwop.

Douglas-David has filed court papers showing she has more than $53,800 in weekly expenses, including for maintaining a Park Avenue apartment and three residences in Sweden. Her weekly expenses also include $700 for limousine service, $4,500 for clothes, $1,000 for hair and skin treatments, $1,500 for restaurants and entertainment, and $8,000 for travel.

At that rate, Douglas-David would burn through $43 million in less than 16 years.

Diddy got off easy …